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If you have never experienced a hair clay mask well today is the day to change your life! We took the labor out of hand made hair clay mask and created the best 5-1 hair clay mask. Royal is a simple product that gives you all your hair needs: 1. Detox your hair 2. Replenish your hair with natural minerals 3. Moisturize your hair to promote hair growth 4. Defines your curls naturally 5. Restores your hair to keep it soft and healthy.


Aloe Vera Juice, Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Glycerin, Coconut oil, Soybean oil, Emulsifer, Flaxseed oil, Olive oil, Phenoxyethanol

How To Use

STEP 1: thoroughly apply mask to your hair from the root to the ends

STEP 2: Confine in shower cap for 20 minutes

STEP 3: Rinse thoroughly and condition hair with conditioner.

Shipping Info

Please allow 3-5 days for processing and another 3-5 days for shipping and handling.