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Risen Hair Re-growth Elixir is all natural. It is formulated for the ones who struggles with re-growing bald-spots and thin hair. Risen has been proven to give results within weeks of consistently using it. It is best to always take weekly before and after picture to see the progress. Risen formula helps to induce hair follicles and strengthen your hair root to prevent hair loss. This oil works great for: bald spots, damaged hair, thin edges, thickens up thin hair, beards, hair that is resistant to growth.


Organic Hibiscus flower, Castro oil, Sage oil, Horsetail oil, Rosemary oil, Grapeseed oil, Sandalore oil, Almond oil, Essential oil blend.


Who can use it: Anyone

How to use it: Once daily put on desired spot and massage oil on area.


Please allow 3-5 days for processing and another 3-5 days for shipping and handling.