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Deluxe Moisture Package

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This is the best deluxe bundle for your healthy hair journey. If you struggle with brittle hair and a dry scalp this is the bundle for you. If you struggle with inconsistent hair growth, this is the best bundle for you. Consistent use of these four products will ensure a healthy scalp and healthy hair. 
SHEA + PRAY: A shea butter moisturizing cream that leaves your hair moisturized for days. Filled with all-natural ingredients and added Flaxseed gel for texture enhancement. Perfect for styling hair without any build-up.
LIVING WATER: Perfect for hydrating hair for daily moisture on the go. This is an all-natural leave-in conditioner mist that is perfect for styling and leaving any dry scalp hydrated in any weather.
REVIVAL OIL: Filled with natural oils to produce hair growth,  and scalp moisture, and natural shine. The revival oil works wonders for thin hair and dry scalp. This oil is multi-use and is great for daily use. It is very lightweight and can be used for hot oil treatment and many more.
ROYAL: This is the 5-1 hair clay mask conditioner. Leaves your hair soft and moisturized. This hair clay mask DETOX, MOISTURIZE, CONDITIONS, REPLENISH AND DEFINE CURLS ALL IN ONE USE!