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EVERYTHING ON THE SITE IN ONE!•REVIVAL OIL: Filled with natural oils to produce hair growth, and scalp moisture, and natural shine.•LIVING WATER: Perfect for hydrating hair for daily moisture on the go.•SHEA + PRAY: A shea butter moisturizing cream that leaves your hair moisturized for days.•ROYAL HAIR MASK: This is the 5-1 hair clay mask conditioner. Leaves your hair soft and moisturized. This hair clay mask detox, moisturize, replenish, conditions and restore for healthy soft and strong hair.•RISEN HAIR ELIXIR: Risen formula helps to induce hair follicles and strengthen your hair root to prevent hair loss. This oil works great for: bald spots, damaged hair, thin edges, thickens up thin hair, beards, hair that is resistant to growth.•SCALP MASSAGER: This stimulates the follicles to produce thicker hair. Scalp massagers may also help dilate blood vessels beneath the skin, to encourage hair growth.•ALL IN ONE just for you! Start your year healthy and growing!